King Berry is a platform to document my Indie Game development attempts.

Game development has always fascinated me, I’ve spend countless hours dabbling with source engine level design and UDK.  When I first left University I even got a job as a games tester at Codemasters for 8 months before heading back to London for more lucrative work in automation.

I want to rekindle that passion and focus it on creating tangible, releasable games.  In game development there is always something cooler, something more shiny or newer to play with.  Rather than falling victim to that temptation and jumping around prototyping lots of different things with different technologies I decided to start working with finishing in mind.

The first target I’ve set myself is to release a simple but satisfying mobile game on one platform.

To that end I’ve spent the last few months working on Spinny Ship which I’ll be aiming to launch on the app store by the end of June.